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PEN Membership

What does it cost to be a member?

There are no direct costs to being a PEN member. We do ask that you spend (at excellent discounts) an average monthly minimum. Please speak with a Membership Coordinator or Account Executive to help guide you to all the services and savings you will get by becoming a PEN member.

How do I know if I am eligible for the Cooperative Bonus Program?

Please review your Purchase Summary report to see if you are eligible for the Cooperative Bonus Program. To be qualified to receive a bonus of 0.5% of your total annual purchases in the form of a live check when you bill an average of $5,000- $5,999 a month through PEN. Receive a bonus of 1% of your total annual purchases in the form of a live check when you bill an average of $6,000 or more a month through PEN. 

* Purchases from vendors with a 0% admin fee do not apply to the bonus. PEN account must be current with no past-due balances to qualify for the Cooperative Bonus Program.

Transfer your vendor accounts over to PEN in order to maximize your purchases. 

Click here for an account transfer form.

How do I add a vendor onto my PEN account?

You may add a vendor by filling out an Account Transfer Form. After we process the form, you can expect to see the vendor purchases reflected on your next PEN statement.

What if I want to transfer a vendor but I don't see them on your list?

We are always looking for vendors to help enhance your practice. Please send an email to info@primaryeye.net and let us know who/what you would like to add. From there we will see if they are a good fit for PEN.

Why should I become a PEN Member?

Primary Eyecare Network reinvests in doctors who have chosen independent practice, simplifying business ownership with purchasing advantages and the freedom to focus on quality care, without contracts, dues or royalties. Please see our membership page.


How will I know if a class has been cancelled?

All registered students will be notified in advance if a class has been cancelled or rescheduled.

Will I receive confirmation that I have registered for a class?

You should receive an email confirmation within 10 minutes of completing your registration. If you have not received a confirmation, within this period, please call or email us to verify your enrollment.

Is there a discount for additional class attendees?

Registration fees vary by course offering, as do promotional discounts. Please inquire about available discounts on Education at 800-444-9230.

When will the next class be held in my area?

To find the availability of upcoming courses in your area, visit our Education Page or call (800) 444-9230. 

Where do I find the location information for the class I’m registered for?

To find the location address for a class you have registered for, please check your confirmation email that you received after registering. If you need further assistance please contact PEN Member services at 800-444-9230.

My PEN Account

Can pending credits be removed from my balance to adjust my statement balance?

Yes. In order to calculate your adjusted balance you must deduct your pending credits from your current balance on your statement. (Current Balance – Pending Credits = Balance Due). Please advise a PEN representative that you are paying your current balance less your pending credits in order to avoid any late fees that may apply on your account due to the remaining unpaid balance.

What forms of payments are accepted to pay my bill?

There are three options are available.

  1. ACH transfers (check by phone) – An ACH form would need to be completed and submitted along with a voided check. You will need to call PEN each month to authorize payment. There is no fee to use this service.
  2. Credit Card – We accept all major credit cards (America Express, Discover, Mastercard and Visa). Please call a PEN representative to provide your credit card information. For recurring credit card payments we will need additional authorization forms. Auto Bill Pay can be scheduled. There is a 2.5% fee to use a credit card.
  3. Check – Mail a check to PEN before the due date to avoid penalties.

Can invoices and credit memos be accessed and printed on PEN’s website?

Unfortunately, invoices and credit memos are not available at this time. PEN is working to have this option shortly. Some vendors provide online access. Please contact your vendor for assistance.

What is the previous unpaid balance showing on my statement?

The previous unpaid balance is the unpaid balances from the previous months.

Can we access our statement online?

With the new website you will be able to access your statment online. Once you create your online profile a PEN representative will contact you to verify your account, this could take up to 2 business days.

What are Discount Reductions and Finance charges?

These additional charges are added to your balance if not paid on time per our PEN Membership agreement. All sums due on account must be received in full by PEN, and payable to PEN, by the 16th of each month. If not so received, PEN reserves the right to reduce or eliminate the discount and/or impose a finance charge of 1.5% per month until paid in full.

Guidebooks & Office Forms

How long will it take to receive my order for PEN Guidebooks & Office Forms?

Please allow 48 business hours for your order to be processed.  All products are shipped via UPS ground and may take 7-10 business days to arrive, depending on your location.

Fee schedules are shipped regular mail depending on your area may take up to 2 weeks for delivery via UPS or FedEX

Can I still order publications if I'm not a PEN Member?

Yes, you may place an order without being a PEN Member.  However, PEN Members receive discounts on all PEN products and services. 

Click here  to learn more about the benefits of PEN Membership.

Are PEN Office Forms compliant with Medicare?

Yes, all of our Medicare-related forms are compliant and are updated yearly to comply with Medicare changes.

Can you customize forms for our practice?

The following items are customizable:

  • HIPAA Acknowledgment of Receipt Labels
  • Lifetime Signature-on-File Labels
  • Medicare Fee Schedule
  • *Rx Pads
  • *Superbills
  • **Yourlens Counter Cards


*After an order is placed, a PEN representative will contact you regarding the custom information submitted.

**For more about Yourlens, please speak with your ABB OPTICAL GROUP sales representative or contact a PEN representative at 800-444-9230.

What was my last PEN Publications order?

Order history is not currently available to be viewed online.  Please call PEN at 800-444-9230 and a representative will be happy to look up your previous order. Please have your PEN ID or practice phone number available when calling so we can serve you promptly.

What is the turn-around time for a Yourlens order?

Once we receive a hi-resolution file for your practice's logo (300dpi or higher), a proof can be completed within 48 hours. Once the proof is finalized your cards will be printed within 7-10 business days.

Do I have to have a logo to order Yourlens counter cards?

No, you do not need to have a logo on your counter cards. PEN will work with you to provide an alternative design option.

Can I pay for PEN Guidebooks & Office Forms by check?

Yes, you can pay by check. Your order will be mailed to you once your payment is received.

Please make checks payable to Primary Eyecare Network and mail to:

                 PEN – Publications Department
                 P.O. Box 433
                 San Ramon, CA 94583

Medical Billing Services

What services are offered through PEN’s Optometric Billing Services?

PEN has partnered with CS Eye for all Compliant Billing Solutions, Credentialing and Compliance services and products. Please visit our website or contact a PEN representative to discuss what’s available and how to sign up.

Who is CS EYE?

CS EYE (Compliance Specialists, Inc.) are independent experts, focused on compliance for Optometry, looking to make a difference by taking away the pains caused by compliance, audits or fear of audits and insurance billing, and let you focus on your passion, patient care. The CSEYE teams of professionals have worked with Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurance auditors nationwide.

What is the cost to submit claims through PEN/CS EYE?

PEN/CSEYE offers competitive prices to its members and non-PEN members.

To find out more about our pricing, click here.

Why should I check Medicare eligibility?

Medicare patients retain their Medicare cards showing eligibility even after they have signed over their benefits. Know in advance if your patient has Medicare benefits, HMO or indemnity plan. Then you can inform the patient whether your practice is or is not on their insurance plan…the patient is responsible for payment in advance if the practice is not. Also, avoid unnecessary denials by submitting the claim to the correct insurance the first time. Visit your assigned Medicare carrier’s website for a free eligibility resource. 

Why do I need PEN’s Medicare Fee Schedule?

PEN’s Medicare Fee Schedule includes only the most commonly used codes in Optometry. The set includes a fee schedule for either Participating or Non-Participating and DME.

For participating providers it lists the definition, Medicare allowed amount, and Medicare paid amount.

For non-participating providers it lists the Medicare non-par allowed amount and includes the limiting charge.

The Medicare fee schedule is updated yearly and will allow you to view what Medicare will reimburse you as well as allow you to evaluate your current fee structure.

What is PECOS?

The Internet-based Provider Enrollment, Chain and Ownership System (Internet-based PECOS) can be used in lieu of the Medicare enrollment application. Physicians may access Internet-based PECOS to create an account at https://pecos.cms.hhs.gov/pecos/login.do.