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First off welcome to PEN! You recently recieved a welcome packet from PEN containing all the info you might need to know about PEN. Below are some general FAQ's. But please if you have further questions feel free to reach out to a PEN Service Representative at 800-444-9230


Does ABB Optical Group own Diversified now?

Yes. ABB Optical Group has acquired the assets of Diversified and is committed to providing the same (or better) level of service that you are accustomed to with Diversified.


What will happen to my Diversified purchases Fall of 2017?

Your Diversified account will be migrated to a new ABB Optical Group account for contact lens distribution and a new PEN account for your buying group purchases. Integration into the ABB Optical Group and PEN billing systems will be seamless. Any legacy ABB Optical Group accounts you may have will remain active and any purchases you choose to make directly or through another buying group will not be affected.


Why did ABB Optical Group acquire Diversified?

As an optical services industry leader, ABB Optical Group is both excited and committed to helping Diversified customers remain profitable in today's optical market by offering additional products and services to compliment your already successful practice.


Questions regarding ordering, product, pricing, shipping methods/costs, delivery times, sales reps, returns, manufacturer promotions, inventory, etc.

Refer practices to ABB Optical Group customer service at 800-852-8089.

Buying Group Purchases: Refer practices to the vendor.

If I am currently buying products from Diversified, what will change?

ABB Optical Group is now your contact lens distributor. Primary Eyecare Network (PEN), the Practice Development Division of ABB Optical Group, has become your buying group and will handle all corresponding billing.


If I want to change to using ABB Optical Group directly for CL Distribution, what do I do?

Please contact ABB CONCISE and speak with Tamara Sclafani at 800-852-8089 ext. 6382 for assistance.


Will I receive one or two statements? And from who?

You will receive one consolidated monthly statement for all your purchases through ABB Optical Group, former Diversified buying group vendors, and any new vendors you wish to add through PEN.

If you choose to be billed directly through ABB Optical Group or have your ABB Optical Group purchases billed through another buying group, this will naturally necessitate another statement.

How come I have to pay an admin fee with PEN?

PEN believes in full disclosure. Some buying groups, who advertise no admin fee, actually fold the admin fee into their discount structure. In other words, they subtract their admin fee from the vendor's discount and present that amount as the discount.

PEN's admin fee funds are applied to the development of products and services designed to enhance your productivity and success.

Also, due to our close relationship with vendors, many companies have agreed to cover all or part of your base administration fee.


I already have an account with ABB Optical Group. Can I still be billed directly or through another buying group?

            Yes, any legacy ABB Optical Group accounts you may have will remain active and any purchases you choose to make directly or through another buying group will not be affected.


Will I have the same account number?

For CL Distribution & Labs: You have been issued a new account number from ABB Optical Group which consists of your former Diversified ID# with the letters “XX” in front (ex. XX12345).

When you use this number to purchase Contact Lenses from ABB Optical Group, your statement

Will be consolidated with your PEN Buying Group Purchases.


For Frames / Buying Group:  You have also been issued a Primary Eyecare Network ID#. I can look that up by your practice or practice phone number. It will also be referenced on every PEN statement. This ID# will also be included as a part of their welcome packet, on the cover of your Membership Manual.


How is the PEN buying group different from the Diversified buying group?

            PEN’s Buying Group has many vendor options to choose from in categories that include equipment        suppliers, business services, marketing solutions, staff training, pharmaceuticals, and more.


            PEN’s negotiates for the highest discounts in the industry and, in addition, encourages vendors to

            Cover all or part of your admin fee.


            PEN’s Cooperative Bonus Program gives you the opportunity to receive up to 1% of our annual       

            purchases back in the form of a live check.


            PEN offers practice development solutions. PEN is a leader in tailoring services, tools, and products      to meet the specific needs of private practice optometrists and has more to offer than any other

            buying group….such as a world-class training program, medical billing services, a publication

            division, and unparalleled customer service.


            You may use your new PEN Member Account # to receive discounted pricing on all of PEN’s

            products and services.   


What Vendors can I currently purchase through my PEN Account?

            Conveniently, PEN has set-up your account to automatically accept the purchases from Vendors

            you were already using thru Diversified. Your PEN billing vendors are … (look up account and

            confirm vendors)/ Would you like to add any additional vendors to this account? (Offer PEN’s

            vendor discount list to review/choose.)



How do I add vendors to my PEN account?


            1. Speak to a PEN membership representative who will be happy to assist you.

            2. Fill out a PEN Account Transfer Form, fax it to PEN, and we will handle the transfer.

  • I will be happy to fax you an Account Transfer Form
  • An Account Transfer Form is included in your welcome packet
  • You may download an Account Transfer Form at www.primaryeyecare.net click “Membership” and scroll down to the Account Transfer Form link          


How do I close my PEN account?


           Please send written notification of wanting to close your account including the following information: your PEN ID #, effective closure date, and if you wish to continue billing directly with ABB to  info@primaryeye.net.


What are the terms of my membership with PEN?

            You will receive a disclosure of all terms including the following…..

1. The practice will receive the full volume discount from PEN suppliers, less an administration fee. Practice must identify itself as a PEN Member whenever orders are placed in order to receive this discount.


2. The practice will continue to deal directly with suppliers for orders, returns, exchanges and credits. PEN is not an agent or representative for any supplier and makes no warranties regarding the quality of supplier’s products or services.


3. The practice agrees that a high percentage of frame and contact lens purchases must be made through their PEN accounts with supplies. The practice’s monthly purchases billed through PEN must equal or exceed $1400.00


4. All sums due on account must be received in full by PEN by the 16th of each month. If not so received, PEN reserves the right to reduce or eliminate the discount and/or impose a finance charge of 1.5% per month until paid in full.


5. If the practice’s account becomes delinquent sixty (60) or more days, PEN may place the account on a purchase hold without notice to the practice, and also reserves the right to notify suppliers and credit reporting agencies.