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ABOUT Silhouette International

In 1964, Arnold and Anneliese Schmied revolutionized eyewear. In the 50 plus years since then, Silhouette International has been dedicated to crafting high-quality eyewear with innovative, exceptional designs. These frames—produced in the heart of Austria with extraordinary materials such as High-Tech Titanium and SPX®— are exported to 100 countries worldwide under the Silhouette, neubau and adidas Sport eyewear brands. Known for their extreme comfort and durability, Silhouette International products prove to be unique options for all types of eyeglass wearers.

Silhouette, neubau and adidas Sport eyewear are manufactured by Silhouette International, Schmied, AG.

ABOUT Silhouette


Silhouette, a world leader in premium eyewear, has always stayed true to its philosophy of creating the best wearing experience possible poised with self-confident individuality. With a strong focus on accentuating the wearers personal style, beauty and originality, Silhouette is a brand for people who remain true to themselves. Exceptional innovation, iconic design and the highest standards make Silhouette the best choice for optimal vision. Feel the difference with Silhouette. Try it. Wear it. Love it!

We focus on the essentials: to that effect, the design language of Silhouette stands out by its clear and minimalistic lines. The iconic “Titan Minimal Art” eyewear express this through unparalleled design purism. 

Quality comes as a matter of course, and we always create eyewear of exquisite beauty – Silhouette remains as faithful to this standard as it does to its visionary insight and internal values. Since 1964, the family-owned company has been creating sustainably in Austria, with a passion for detail, the highest standards of craftsmanship, and a focus on precision and perfection.

Nothing feels like a Silhouette. Each pair of Silhouette glasses is exceedingly light with a supple design to become one with its wearer. The feeling of freedom, 24 hours a day, provides pure joy. Custom models highlight each wearer’s personality, making them perfectly stylish to fit every occasion.

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ABOUT neubau

Welcome to a place where modern design meets tradition and craftsmanship. Where new ideas are based on a foundation of experience. A place where creativity and sustainability are the driving forces. Welcome to neubau.

Our inspiration flows from Vienna’s famously creative hub, the Neubau district. Our brand embodies the area’s free spirit and ever-present love for the beautiful things in life. Our eyewear is produced while keeping consideration for our environment on top of mind.

neubau eyewear is an homage to creativity, innovation and the spirit of a new generation. It is more than just a place, it is a state of mind. We want to give passionate and trendy individuals modern, eco-friendly eyewear that is handcrafted by a quality-driven, family-owned, independent Austrian company.

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ABOUT adidas Sport eyewear


adidas Sport eyewear products are developed to meet the needs of various sports and active lifestyles. Top athletes are involved in developing new high performance eyewear, which ensures the best combination of next-generation frame and lens technologies, including personalized fit and best vision. adidas Sport eyewear is therefore not just another pair of sunglasses, but an essential part of your sports equipment that supports better vision.

VISION: See more, remain focused and relaxed.
PROTECTION: Worry free with protection from dangerous sun rays and other external influences like dirt, rain and wind.
FIT: No distraction, with a personalized fit to meet your needs.
DURABILITY: Trust in the strength and flexibility with highly durable materials.