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A First - THe VSP Mobile Clinic in San Francisco's Chinatown - July 18, 2016

Tommy Lim, OD recently coordinated the first Vision Service Plan (VSP) Mobil Clinic Project in San Francisco's Chinatown.

Illinois College of Optometry Celebrates Alumni Association Awards - September 17, 2015

Aaron Lech, OD recieved a Professional Achievement Award for his commitment to the profession of Optometry.

Be the Blue Light Expert for Your Patients - June 3, 2015

Tommy Lim, OD, believes that ODs should establish themselves as experts on blue light for their patients. In a discussion with Andrew Karp of VM and 20/20, Dr. Lim provides practical tips on how to inform and advise patients—and prescribe optical solutions that protect their eyes and enhance their visual experience. 

BluTech and its Dangers - May 2, 2015

Are the screens you stare at all day at work and much of the evening at home killing your eyes? What's the deal with Blue Light? Electronic devices emit harmful high energy blue light that is not compensated for by regular prescription lenses

BluTech Lenses - April 24, 2015

Pat Farnack's full conversation with Silicon Valley Optometrist Dr. Tommy Lim with Berryessa Optometry. He talks about the damage to the eyes from blue light from all the screens we are always looking at.