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PEN is continually looking for new ways to further your education by making useful resources available to you and your staff, regardless of time & location.

PEN's Education Webinar Series:
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PEN Webinars

Not Just Another Job
 Recorded Friday, June 13th
It can be so confusing. Who is a paraoptometric and what is a paraoptometric supposed to do?  What are all the initials about? CPO, CPOA, CPOT, ABO, NCLE, COA.  We will discuss these issues and help to move your job forward as healthcare career. 
The Importance of Sun Protection
 Recorded Friday, June 13th

Opticians and paraoptometrics can play an important role in skin cancer prevention! Sun protection is important in all seasons. As you’re working with patients, would you know what to do when you see an odd-looking spot or bump? Find out what you should do and hear a personal story of skin cancer detection, treatment and recovery.



The Hither & Thither of Optics
 Recorded Friday, February 21st
One of the most important skills for an optician is to understand how the prescription will look in eyewear - patients rely on your guidance for the best options. Become an expert and drive patient satisfaction and loyalty.


Essentials to Practice Success
 Recorded Thursday, November 14th
Highly successful practices have specific basic fundamentals in place that help to create their success. Find out how to strengthen these standards in your office and see how all other aspects of your practice will fall into place.



CS EYE Webinars               

The HIPPA Omnibus Rule of 2013
 Recorded Thursday, June 19th
Changes to the HIPAA Privacy and Security Regulations
• The new provisions for the privacy and security regulations
• The requirements for Breach Notification
• The changes to Business Associates
• Compliance dates with the new regulations


HIPAA Security
 Recorded Thursday, May 8th
Administrative, Technical, and Physical Safeguards
• Requirements of the HIPAA Security Rule
• The difference between required and addressable standards
• Organizational requirements
• Required policies and procedure


HIPAA Privacy
 Recorded Thursday, April 17th
Understand the basic requirements under the HIPAA Privacy
• Understand all the requirements for privacy policy and procedures
• Understand patient forms to have in order to comply with the Privacy Rule
• Understand the administrative requirements of the HIPAA Privacy Rule


The Intersection of HIPAA Risk Assessment & Meaningful Use
 Recorded Thursday, March 20th
The EHR Incentive Program, Meaningful Use, requires you to conduct the risk assessment and mitigate the findings prior to attestation. Understand the requirements under HIPAA and Meaningful Use.The basic steps for successful compliance with these requirements.


Required Information in PECOS - Much More than Revalidation
 Recorded Thursday, February 13th
Health care professionals must have an identity in PECOS in order to provide covered services for Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries as well as to be able to order or refer beneficiaries for diagnostic, radiological, laboratory and surgical services.


Windows XP will no be HIPAA Compliant after April 8, 2014
 Recorded Friday, January 9th
Windows XP is the most successful operating system in the history of personal computers. However, after nearly 13 years Microsoft has announced it will no longer support it.


HIPAA Action Steps for Your Practice
 Recorded Thursday, December 19th
Maximize the effectiveness of one of the most powerful tools for practice growth, the telephone! Increase your ability to demonstrate what makes your practice unique



ZeaVision Webinars          

Diabetes & Vision, Micronutrient Intervention
 Recorded Thursday, June 19th
Micro-Nutrient Intervention for Diabetes: Improving visual function and retinal health before the development of sight-threatening eye disease 

Treating Dry Eye from the Inside Out

 Recorded Tuesday, May 27th
Dry eye disease is one of the most prevalent medical conditions in an eyecare practice. Find out how to optimize your patients' outcomes 

Age-Related Macular Degeneration Update
 Recorded Tuesday, April 15th








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